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Photography & Life: What Lies Beneath

February 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's not what you look at that matters

It's what you see.

henry david thereau


what lies beneath

During a trek out to the great Southwest, I had the opportunity to explore Navajo Nation and specifically Antelope Canyons (both Upper and Lower).  As I arrived to the check in point to get my photographer's pass, I was greeted by my Navajo guide who promptly told me the reason for guided tours was to eliminate the vandalism that had happened in the canyons. We had a nice chat as we walked towards the canyons; however, I was thinking I got ripped off, because this is all that I was looking at...the surface. 


To borrow an infamous quote: "Don't judge a book by its cover" is an understatement in this case. I was not prepared for what lies beneath. 

As I descended through the crack in the middle of the earth to a truly phenomenal space.  What wasn't obvious on the surface was the many layers this canyon has to offer.  Continuing through the path in a live version of Chutes and Ladders, I anxiously pursued the perfect shot. However, Mother Nature was not cooperating.  The clouds had rolled in leaving the canyon somewhat dark and challenging to capture.  I sat for a little while having a tantrum about not having good light. Then, I stopped and checked myself as we so often have to in life.  Was I really missing the opportunity to appreciate this magical and exquisite space? No. I shifted my attitude and attention from what I was looking at to what I was seeing. The whole time it was there  -- the lines, colors and textures that adorned this space.  And, a magical swoop, Mother Nature illuminated the canyon for me to capture. I share with you not what I was looking at, but what I saw in Antelope Canyon.

explore. the possibilities. always.


Press play to view the album of Antelope Canyon series - enjoy.


Photography & Life: Season for Change

November 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

season for change

look. at the change.

that time of year where change is evident.

none more obvious than the autumn leaf.

it was green yesterday. today it is orange.

look. at every stage.

it did not change overnight.

how were we blind to its change all along?

oblivious to the obvious.

look. and embrace.

see the leaf for all it has been,

all it is and

all it will be.

look. and remember.

soon, the leaf will fade away.


March 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

fallen. broken. dead.

During my visit to Yellowstone National Park, I watched many visitors walk past this tree. No longer standing to its great size, it cast a different image than what it provided for many decades if not centuries.

closer look.

What many viewed as a dead tree, I thought otherwise and decided to take a closer look.  Visible to all that would look beyond "the dead tree" was very intricate detail telling the history and life of this tree.


Like many things in life, it's about the perspective you use to view a situation or thing. Often times, when something is not doing what it has always done, it appears to be useless. I approach it a bit differently when I view it through my photographic eye and heart.

When I stumble upon such a sight, I see that the tree is showing me what it's really about.  That its beauty is not just in the towering image that has stood there for so many years, but also in the details and character that lies within, like all things -- at its roots.

When you can shift your perspective and see situations or things in new light, you're able to see a broader purpose.  For me, this tree continues to grow. Maybe not in the ground, but as my artistic inspiration and constant reminder that perspective is key, in all things related to my roots -

art & life.


same image. different perspective.


February 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.

Soar as high as you can go. When you get there, soar further.

Photographic Art Murals installed at Gulf Coast Community Services Association

October 24, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Think Big. Do Big.

As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas" and when it was time to work with Gulf Coast Community Services Association, that saying rang true.  During our conversations with GCCSA's leadership team (as well as designer Amilee Wendt - Wendt Design Group and art consultant, Ana Villaronga-Roman, Tradarte) to determine the artwork for the lobby and auditorium walls, the theme of larger-than-life was key in the images that would be displayed at GCCSA's headquarters.  GCCSA was founded in 1965 and is a private, nonprofit organization that exists to strengthen the educational, social and economic well-being of individuals and families as they move towards independence and self-sufficiency.

From Vision to Reality

Thinking big has never been a problem for me and when it comes to photography, the bigger the image, the better to the viewer.  We installed 18 panels between both locations with images encapsulating the programs, people and attitude that GCCSA embodies in all their efforts.  From adult education classes to food pantry services to impacting the children at Head Start programs, GCCSA is one busy agency.  The words that resonated during our meetings are those that are the roots to all their efforts - EQUIP, EDUCATE and EMPOWER.  It's no surprise we added them to the lobby mural with the images reinforcing these three simple, yet strong words.

To see the album of images taken during the installation, click here


A Splash of Fine Art

It was an added treat to have GCCSA select AHEAD from my Antelope Canyon series in the waiting area outside the staff conference room for any guests that may need to wait for a few minutes.  I've heard people don't mind waiting for the meetings these days!





Find out more:

Gulf Coast Community Services Association

Tradarte, Ana Villaronga-Roman

Wendt Design Group, Amilee Wendt, ASID, RID



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