Fatima Donaldson Photography | for ARTISTS

Are you an artist and struggling with how to market you and your artwork?  Marketing is much like creating your artwork. There are many facets and options to select from, the choices can be endless.

 Choosing the right options that formulate your brand are vitual to a successful representation of you and your artwork.  

Join professional photographer and creative director, Fatima Donaldson as she leads you through customized sessions focusing on the various options and possibilities available to market your art, you and your business.  

  • Creating your artist statement 
  • Formulating your brand
  • Logo development
  • Creating and maintaining a website that sells your work
  • How to capture your artwork for print, web and social media 
  • Creating a marketing brochure (postcard, flyer, etc.) 
  • Sharing your artwork and all that you do through social media and email campaigns 
  • Protecting your artwork through copyright
  • Overcoming creative blocks
  • Critique of artwork with growth plan
  • Selling your artwork (virtual and physical options)
  • Next steps 

Fatima helps artists create their brand and identify how they can market their artwork more effectively and with impact. The one-on-one mentoring sessions are confidential and safe environments solely dedicated towards the growth and success of artists wishing to take their art to the next level, both for their art and their art business. 

Duration of mentoring and marketing sessions are defined by artist's needs and goals.  For multiple hour sessions, add hours you are needing in quantity. For more information and to help get your started, contact Fatima today!